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SecureMantra AFIS/APIS
SecureMantra has been involved in the development of biometrics-based products since its inception in 1995. Their product, Criminal Tracking System, based on criminal AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), has been rigorously tested and certified by National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
SecureMantra AFIS/APIS complies with ALL the benchmark criteria set by NCRB at the time of benchmarking. These are:
The system supports the following types of searches:
Rolled print to rolled print
Chance print to rolled print
Chance print to chance print
Chance print to rolled print
Rolled Print Slip Search/Enrollment
Scanning of slip
Cropping of fingerprints from the slip
Rotation of slap, if required
Sequence Check
Automatic classification, facility to modify
Automatic features extraction, including core and delta
Automatic determination of primary and secondary classification
Choosing of two best quality prints for matching
Demographic data entry
Creation of NIST Transmission file
Transmission of NIST file to Central AFIS for matching and verification
Receive acknowledgement and verification file copy
Chance print search/enrollment
Screen Shots for AFIS
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