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Undergoing projects
The company has won the tender for Criminal AFIS from Orissa State Crime Records Bureau. The project will implement Central AFIS, with 25 clients, a dual processor matcher server, a dual processor database server, verifiers, local AFIS workstations and 35 RQTs (Remote Query Terminals), to connect 34 districts Crime Records Bureau with the Central AFIS. The company is converting their data for 80,000 Ten digit slips and 15000 latent prints into digital format.
The company has received contract for AFIS implementation in a pilot project from SCRB, Chattisgarh. The Project requires conversion of 18,000 record slips into Chhattisgarh Central AFIS database. The pilot project requires remote connectivity between Police Control Room, Raipur and Central AFIS, Raipur. Based on the performance of SecureMantra AFIS in Chhattisgarh, the department has finalized order for second phase in which FIVE more RQTs have to be connected to Raipur Central AFIS database in March 2006. This order is also executed. This will be followed by connecting 16 more RQTs to the Central AFIS database.
The company has also won contract from National Institute of Criminology and  Forensic Science, New Delhi. The NICFS has further tendered for an AFIS for a larger database and Enterprise scale. SecureMantra has won this contract too in March 2006.
Latest orders
Orissa SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau)
Chattisgarh FPB (Finger Print Bureau)
Mizoram FSL (Forensic Science Lab)
Rajasthan SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau)
NICFS ( National Institute of crime and Forensic Science, New Delhi)
Arunachal Pradesh SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau)
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