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Live Scanner
One of the important conditions of in­creasing the AFIS hit ratio is a use of the latest digital technologies of inputting dactyloscopic information, dedicated to replacing traditional ink fingerprint­ing and scanning of paper record cards with the help of flatbed scanners.
The digital technologies of input based on application of electronic fingerprint scanners, allow images of fingerprint patterns to be fixed most precisely and thereby enable law-enforcement agen­cies to form high-quality dactyloscopic files.
High quality of prints guarantees high accuracy of automatic recognition and coding of images in an AFIS, and as consequence, increase of its major search characteristics (reliability, selec­tivity, operating speed).
Besides cardinal improvement of qual­ity of fingerprint and palmprint files, the application of live-scan devices allows some more major problems arising at constructing the systems of fingerprint identification to be solved:
Providing the immediacy of input of the fingerprint information in an AFIS (the stage of creating and scanning paper record cards is excluded).
Transmitting information from the system of electronic fingerprinting to an AFIS through telecommunication channels.
Minimizing the impact of the human factor when gaining fingerprint data. State-of-the-art systems of electronic fingerprinting automatically control the accuracy and quality of live-scanning and require no special training and no highly skilled operators to operate the device.
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