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NCRB Certification and Compliance
SecureMantra AFIS has undergone rigorous benchmarking conducted by National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India on a database of 100000 (One Lac) fingerprint slips, stored in NIST format.
The testing required creation of a database of 1 lac slips. The database was tested against 100 record slips, 100 search slips and 100 chance prints.
The result/evaluation of the testing were not made available to the vendors but the same is available with NCRB to the police fingerprint bureaus.
Other testings conducted on SecureMantra AFIS
The department conducted a test on 100 slip database with five chance prints, six slips and one negative chance print.
The evaluation tested for match results as well as probable list size and position of the found match in the list. SecureMantra AFIS obtained cent per cent results. May be verified from Orissa SCRB.
The department conducted similar testing as Orissa with 100 slip database. The number of chance prints was 5, two white powder lifted partial prints and one enlarged chance print photograph four times enlarged. Here also the results were cent per cent. May be verified from Chhattisgarh Fingerprint Bureau.
The department recently conducted testing on 1000 slip database with eleven chance prints (6 black powder and 5 white powder prints) photographs. The result was 90 percent. May be verified from Rajasthan SCRB.
The department recently conducted test on 1100 slips with 7 photographs of lifted chance prints. The result was 5 matches. May be verified from Kerala SCRB. The test was conducted on 9th, 10th and 11th July 2007.
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