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Biometrics, according to Richard Norton, Executive Director, IBIA, can be used in civil aviation to
Automate check-in
Border clearance for typical passengers
Its price is low enough to see it beginning to make inroads into mass market
Biometrics is the ideal solution as Biometrics devices verify a person’s identity by unique, unalterable physical characteristic, as a fingerprint
Lost cards must be replaced, but eyes and hands are seldom lost,stolen or forgotten. They can’t be shared with others, and they don’t wear out and never need to be replaced.
Hence, the real benefit is reduced administrative time.
In Support of Biometrics in Civil Aviation
“… One thing is certain – Biometrics train has left the Station. We have to ask ourselves where do we want to sit on that train…”
             Dennis Coderre’s speech to a forum on Biometrics
“..How else would you propose to improve security (in Civil Aviaition ) ”
            Otto Schily, Germany’s interior minister
Biometrics Technology Has The Potential To greatly Improve Aviation Security And is The Most Commonly Recommended Technology For Doing So.
Possible use of Biometrics in Civil Aviation
Authentication for access to laptops, desktops in the airport premises
Authentication for access to restricted areas
Monitoring and preventing tailgating (a passenger following closely behind another in customs controlled areas)
Identification of trusted travelers and air crew
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